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Free Phone - ZING Wireless

Free Starter Phones

  • $ 1000

Get a FREE phone when you switch to ZING Wireless.

ZING Wireless is the original FREE Cell Phone Provider in the US offering its own brand of FREE and low-cost wireless service. 

We know just how much a FREE Cell Phone can help someone: 

  • Stay in touch with employers who can easily reach out with a job offer. 
  • Stay in touch with a Doctor and other emergency medical professionals.
  • Stay in touch with family and other loved ones.

There are NO Contracts.

You’ll get a FREE Cell Phone delivered with a new number or move your existing cell phone number to the FREE Cell Phone instead. 

Phone Description:  Refurbished and in good working condition. It has been carefully audited, is certified to be 100% functional, and ready for activation. It displays some scratches and/or blemishes.  The phone comes with a battery and charger; however, no other accessories are offered.  The original box and manual are not included.

Customers can also send text messages to anyone around the world with FREE Global Text Messaging. If you’d like international minutes, simply call us for direct International Dialing with No Calling Cards or special numbers to dial. Just dial direct, it's that easy!

If there's a special phone you like or want to use, bring it! We will connect it for you FREE instead.

*NOTE: If you are porting your number, you MUST provide the following information in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at checkout:

  • Number being ported
  • Current carrier
  • Account & PIN Number (from current carrier)
  • Full name as it appears on the account

**If you do not provide the above information, your order will be delayed.

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