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How to Find Your Android Device ID Number

Not sure what kind of device you have? 

If your device has a UICC Number, then it is 4G-LTE. So take a moment to scroll down and understand the process carefully before you continue to "Activate Your Own Device."   

Upon entering your information on the "Customer Information" page, be sure to choose the "Airtime only (Bring your own device / BYOD)" option. Once you enter the device ESN in the required field, another field requesting LTE information will appear: "If you have an LTE device, scan or enter ICCID number of your device". If you do not already know this number, you will need it. Scroll down and see "LTE Device UICC" for additional information on how to find it. If you do not have an LTE Device, you may leave this field blank.

Android Users: To Find Your Device ID - ESN / MEID / IMEI / UICC Information

Settings > About Device > Status > MEID (Dec) as shown in the images below. 

Android Users can retrieve the ESN / MEID / IMEI number on most phones and may also find the ICC ID of your device here in some cases as well.


ESN, MEID or IMEI numbers can also be found on a sticker attached to the back of the phone behind the battery. The exact location will depend on your device and will sometimes even be on the SIM compartment or memory slot.