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Creating New Orders

The options you select in Ordering Profiles, as well as any Custom Fields you choose to use, will determine what you see in the New Order screens.

To create a new order, access New Order from the Action menu on the Customer Care tab. You will see:


In addition to any company-specific information you will be prompted to provide, you will be asked for:


Go to Agent Order Information for agent-specific information about these choices.

Fields in red are required.  You can create additional required fields during set-up in Ordering Profiles. Note that the Social Security Number field label will vary depending on your settings in State Options.

Sprint LTE Devices

If the ESN/SIM scanned is associated with a CDMA device, a field for the UICC code will appear:

The UICC field is required for LTE plan types, but optional for non-LTE plans.

LTE Set-Up


Some set-up is required before LTE plans can be offered.

MVNOs - Open a ticket with BeQuick to identify the specific SOC(s) to be associated with LTE

Resellers - Create a SKU with the following parameters:

New SKU > Description = LTE
SKU Management > Service Codes > Type = Feature COde
SKU Management > Service Codes > Code = LTE
SKU Management > Required Additional Feature = LTE SKU


Once the subscriber information has been entered, you will see a question asking whether the subscriber receives government assistance.  A yes answer will prompt additional questions, as shown below:

If the name on the documentation is different from the customer's name, you will be prompted to enter the first name, last name, last 4 digits of SSN and date of birth of the qualifying beneficiary.

If the custom rule, ELIGIBILITY_INFO_IN_EMPLOYEE_DOC_REVIEW, has been enabled, the prompt for additional information about the qualifying document will not appear in the Agent Portal but will instead be available to the Employee during Document Review.

In addition to answering the questions to establish Lifeline program eligibility, you will have to upload a copy of the document the subscriber presents to validate his/her participation in an eligible program.  Please see Document Review for more details on this aspect of processing Lifeline orders. 

If number porting has been turned on in the Ordering Portal, both Lifeline and non-Lifeline customer orders will see:

Number Porting

For more information about number porting, please read Number Porting.

Select Yes and you will then see:

Complete the fields in red.  

The next step in the new order process applies to both Lifeline and non-Lifeline orders:


Press continue and the system will now validate the address you have entered.  Possible messages include:

The accuracy of your HOME address has been checked with the USPS and changed to: (address).  If this is not the correct address,please edit it - You will have the option of editing the addressing or continuing.  In most cases, you will continue as the only change that has been made is to standardize the address against USPS requirements.

An active order already exists for this telephone number or location - Depending on settings in Ordering Profiles you can either select an existing customer account to tie the order to, or you will have to call customer service for assistance. 

If the order is for Lifeline service, once the order passes address verification, you will see:


There will be a list of statements the subscriber has to certify by selecting yes. The subscriber will then sign the certifications and click on "I accept the terms of this agreement."

The form containing the statements that are displayed can be customized to your database. Contact your Account Manager to learn how to upload or change the Lifeline Certification Form for your company.

You will then see the "Review Order Information" screen:

Included on this screen will be all the information you just entered about the customer's order, as well as estimates of the subscriber's monthly and first bills. This is also an option that is configurable in Ordering Profiles. From the menu at left you will have the option to either cancel the order or go back to the previous page:


If the order review is acceptable, you will have to enter the amount paid by the customer:


Enter the amount (or 0) and click Confirm Order.

If you want to allow your agent to take payments such as credit card, ACH or PIN, you can enable one of the two rules below:

1. The Agent Type is one that takes direct payments and receives commissions and the rule,

2. The Agent Type is one that takes direct payments and the rule,


In these cases only, the "Amount received from Customer" field will not be displayed but the Agent will instead see a field for entering a credit card, ACH or PIN payment.

If one of the above rules is not enabled, the "Amount Received from Customer" field shown above will appear.

Once you click Confirm Order, you will see:


The order details will be presented.  You will have the option fo create a new order or, in the case of a Lifeline subscriber, to retrieve a PDF copy of the document uploaded to prove subscriber program eligibility. 

If the subscriber is enrolled in a Lifeline plan with a cost of $0 and the rule "MVNO_CUSTOMER_ONLINE_ORDERING_SHOW_ZERO_PRICE_ON_LIFELINE_PLANS" has been enabled, you will not be prompted to enter an amount paid by the customer. Instead, you will be prompted to confirm the order and proceed as described.

New Order for an Existing Subscriber

If the user group rule "Create Customer Order" is enabled, a "New Order" button will be displayed in the Actions section of the left menu. When clicked from within an existing customer account:

The one-page ordering form will be loaded with the existing customer's account information  (name, address, DOB, contact, etc) pre-populated. The only information that will not be pre-populated are Lifeline data. 
Depending on the customer and product types, the action taken will be as follows:


Agent Order Information

There are three choices in Agent online ordering under Order Information that support BYOD as well as drop-ship and instant delivery methods.  
1. Airtime and a new device that will be shipped to me - select this to trigger the drop-ship process
2. Airtime and a new device that will be given to me now - select this if you are selling/giving the subscriber a phone from inventory. This will usually be a pre-activated device or a device that will be immediately activated.

a. Real-Time Document Review is Off - You will be prompted to enter or scan an ESN, MEID, SIM or MDN. If the item is found in inventory, the order will proceed; otherwise, you will receive an error
b. Real-Time Document Review is On - There will be no prompt for device ID as this will occur after document approval, as described in Real-Time Document Review. 
3. Airtime only (Bring your own device/BYOD) - Select this when the subscriber has an existing device s/he wishes to activate.
a. Real-Time Document Review is Off - You will be prompted to enter or scan an ESN, MEID, SIM or MDN. The device will be identified and the order will proceed. BYOD devices will not be added into your Inventory but are stored on the subscribers’ telephone record.
b. Real-Time Document Review is On - There will be no prompt for device ID as this will occur after document approval, as described in Real-Time Document Review. 

Plan selection will be determined by the device's network and whether the subscriber has provided Lifeline eligibility. 

See Subscriber Duplicate Verification for information on how the system processes potential duplicate accounts, which will vary based on rules and settings you have enabled.