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PBX Mobile Office’s Phone system is powered by OnRelay and runs on Linux CentOS or RedHat cloud images executing on cloud platforms based on standard virtualization technologies such as Xen and VMware. PBX Mobile Office’s live service uses Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) which provides outstanding reliability and fast, high capacity network connectivity worldwide.

PBX Mobile Office’s Phone App includes a wide range of mobile application telephony features and business telephony features that combine into a powerful and turnkey Mobile PBX service:

- Auto Attendant or Virtual Receptionist with IVR routes all business calls to any assigned mobile phone assigned to that extension
- Office Phone App for Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones that can fully replace IP desk phones
- Business vs. personal call separation for both outbound and inbound calls
- Dynamic user selection to join / leave call groups
- Transfer of incoming calls to other extensions from your mobile phone
- Ad-Hoc conferencing
- Unrestricted global / roaming support
- Mobile app control of office call routing including ring mobile only, ring office only, ring both, do not disturb and forward
- Mobile app auto-provisioning and self configuration
- Unified Voicemail System for both business and personal calls
- Visual voicemail integrated with missed call log
- Advanced Voice Messaging with call retrieval, e.g. “dial ‘0’ for receptionist”
- Optional conference bridge numbers for all users with web monitoring of all call participants
- Optional desk phone / softphone integration with parallel ringing
- Web Console that allows users to manage their own business phone configuration, voice messages
- Customer Call Management via existing receptionist consoles, auto-attendant with speech directory, programmable IVR, music on hold
- Advanced Call Distribution via parallel and serial hunt groups
- Advanced Call Forwarding with time-of-day based parallel and serial routing
- SIP desk phone support
- Instant Messaging supports any standard Jabber / XMPP IM client
- 100% web based configuration management
- Web console for end user configuration
- Conference meeting server
- Statistics and CDR reporting server.

PBX Mobile Office provides a complete, easy to use Mobile PBX system with powerful benefits for business owners and their staff.

With PBX Mobile Office you can easily manage all your communications from one smartphone by separating business and personal telephony. Place mobile calls from office line or cell number, incoming call screen indicates whether it is a business or personal call.

PBX Mobile Office is a global system and works everywhere, in the office, home, hotel, meetings, car, abroad, and when traveling. Multinational companies can have users in multiple locations and in different countries using existing cellular providers.

Start managing your communications such that business contacts call your business numbers and friends and family call your cell number. Set Business Presence to ‘Do Not Disturb’ to avoid incoming business calls and still receive personal calls.

With PBX Mobile Office, you no longer have to share your personal cell number with all your colleagues or business contacts to be reachable. Select Business Dial Mode to call business contacts and colleagues using your office line business number from your mobile device. They will return calls to this number.

With PBX Mobile Office you will never miss an incoming business call, always see caller’s name and number, get all voicemail notifications, and you can use PC Softphones as backup if you lose mobile network connectivity.

Avoid phone tag and calling around to locate colleagues cell numbers. PBX Mobile Office provides quick online directory search for all staff, see location and if they are in a call, click to call internal short numbers, and IM them first if you need to check if they can take the call.

With PBX Mobile Office’s cost efficient one server image per customer model each business customer gets their own scalable cloud server image that IT management can control, operate, integrate, secure and customize according to their business’ needs. Many larger customers are reticent to move to a hosted phone system since they are in essence handing over ownership of the once system to a service provider and lose the ability to customize, integrate, secure and manage their phone system.

PBX Mobile Office’s Phone app natively supports all recent smartphone models based on Apple’s iPhone iOS and Google’s Android OS. The application is written natively and includes numerous advanced solutions for seamlessly integrating with the local dialer and provide a powerful, but still non-intrusive, user experience.

PBX Mobile Office helps you manage your privacy and work-life balance by adding your office number as a second number to your smartphone.

If you use a single cell phone for all business and personal calls, you may struggle with separating work-related and private telephony on your smartphone.

With PBX Mobile Office, you can fully separate business and personal calls. You can dial out from either your office number or your cell number, you can see whether incoming calls are to your office number or cell number, and you can easily switch off your office line when you only want to receive personal cell calls on your smartphone. If you have two cell phones, one for business use and one for personal use, it is possible to port the business cell number to PBX Mobile Office and thereby eliminate the dedicated business device. This way you can manage both your business and personal number from a single smartphone. In addition, you get a complete office phone service associated with your business number rather than just a cell service, including personal auto-attendant, visual voice mail and do not disturb features.

Note, whereas PBX Mobile Office normally uses cellular voice connections, it is also possible to utilize the carrier WiFi dialing feature available for both Android and Apple iPhone. Unlike standalone VoIP apps, the carrier WiFi dialing feature integrates seamlessly with your smartphone and its standard dialer.

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