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We're always on the cutting edge of Next Generation Network Service. This will power Zing PCS Customers with Bla-Zing fast data speeds so you can send and receive emails, browse, download, stream and share files much faster than the standard connections.

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Have your own device? Zing PCS Wireless will "Activate Your Own Device" FREE! Just click on the button below to be redirected to a page that will walk you through it.


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PBX mobile 


Auto Attendant easily routes all your business calls to your mobile phone. Dial out from either your office number or your private number. Incoming calls are displayed and indicates whether it's a business call or a personal call.

Watch TV anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world at any time and on any device. YipTV plays your TV channels through your broadband Internet connection seamlessly. 

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Choose Zing PCS Wireless as your Nationwide Cell Phone Carrier with “No Contract” and find out what the best kept secret in wireless service keeps you in touch with the things that are important to you. Activate the latest cell phones available today with Bla-ZING fast data speeds and a plan that meets your needs. Get deals for both new and certified pre-owned cell phones including any Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or let our specialized customer service reps help you find the perfect cell phone and plan for you. Monthly charges include taxes so there’s no surprise every month. Activation Fees are FREE. There’s No Credit Approval required. Text messages are FREE to any country in the world.